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Meet A Cyber Spec Ops Warrior: th3j35t3r

Meet A Cyber Spec Ops Warrior: th3j35t3r ( The Jester )

Laura Walker SOFREP   The Jester is a lone-wolf patriot hacker who has been successfully waging a campaign of asymmetrical offensive cyber warfare in support of the United States for two and a half years. Among his known targeted attacks are numerous takedowns of jihadi recruiting websites, Wikileaks, the Westboro Baptist Church, (dragging …

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CabinCr3w Hacker Identified By Twitter & Hot Bikini Girl

Twitter Facebook and Bikini-Clad Woman Help Identify Hacker

Dan Oakes Brisbane Times   Summary: Photos of an Australian girl in a bikini led to the arrest of CabinCr3w hacker Higinio O. Ochoa III, who allegedly hacked government websites. PICTURES of a scantily clad woman taken in an outer-Melbourne suburb have led to the arrest of a man who …

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TH3J35T3R: Don’t Dox The Man, Dox The Actions

TH3J35T3R: Don’t Dox The Man, Dox The Actions….

    Krypt3ia   Preamble: Over the last few years, Jester has been out there making waves and headlines. I have been watching all of this with a jaundiced eye and think that its once again time I sit down and put my thoughts on paper, so to speak, about …

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AntiSec Hackers Hit US Police Supplier

The Nation   Hackers identifying themselves with the Antisec movement have attacked the site of a company that sells equipment to US law enforcers such as the police. A message posted over New York Ironwork’s homepage said it was a “tribute to Jeremy Hammond”. Mr Hammond has been accused of …

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LulzSec Brought Down by Own Leader

Jana Winter FoxNews.com   EXCLUSIVE: Law enforcement agents on two continents swooped in on top members of the infamous computer hacking group LulzSec early this morning, and acting largely on evidence gathered by the organization’s brazen leader — who sources say has been secretly working for the government for months — …

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