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Bitcoin Virtual Currency…Passing Fad or Worthwhile Investment?

Bitcoin Virtual Currency...Passing Fad or Worthwhile Investment?

  Chris Dougherty VirtualThreat, Contributing Writer   Bitcoin virtual currency might be more than just a passing fad. In fact, it could be a worthwhile investment, according to experts. The virtual currency was launched in 2008 by an anonymous developer known only as ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’. The creator has since disappeared, leaving a trail of questions about his identity and motives. …

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5 Essential Online Security Tips For Your Family

5 Essential Online Security Precautions For Your Family

Chris Dougherty VirtualThreat Contributing Writer   If you are the most technical person in your neighborhood, then chances are you have become the local unofficial tech support rep for your circle of friends and family. It doesn’t matter how much, or how little, you know…as long as you are more technically capable than the rest of your family, you will …

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