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Sprint Jumps On Unlimited Cloud Storage Bandwagon


Sprint Jumps On Unlimited Cloud Storage Bandwagon
Sprint Jumps On Unlimited Cloud Storage Bandwagon

Chris Dougherty
VirtualThreat, Contributing Writer


Mobile Carrier makes announcement that it will offer unlimited cloud storage service to its wireless customers for $5 a month through Pogoplug app.

Sprint has added a new product to it’s “unlimited services” lineup.  Last Monday the company announced that it is now offering unlimited cloud storage from Pogoplug as part of its suite services.

Sprint wireless customers will receive up to 5GB of cloud storage for free. For an additional $4.99 customers will be upgraded to the unlimited storage option, The additional charge can billed directly to the customer’s Sprint account,

Customers will need to download the Pogoplug app to their phone or tablet from either the Sprint Zone, the Android Google Play Store, or Apple’s App Store. Once installed, customers can store photos, videos, music and other files in the cloud. Pogoplug also provides automated backups for your digital media. Customers can manage settings that determine if backups should run over Sprint’s data network or only when connected to the internet over WiFi.

The unlimited cloud storage offer is a nice addition for Sprint customers, however the service is hardly unique to this mobile carrier. The Pogoplug app is already available for all iPhone and Android devices. Customers on other wireless networks can already access the app through the App Store and Google Play. The pricing of the app on other carriers is the same as it is on Sprint’s network. The one difference is that Sprint customers can pay for the cloud storage charges directly through their Sprint bill.

Sprint is one of the last remaining wireless carriers that still offer truly unlimited wireless data plans. Other wireless carriers, like T-Mobile, throttle speeds when customers reach a certain threshold.  Sprint however lets its customers consume data to their heart’s content. The new unlimited cloud storage offer is just one more element of Sprint’s strategy to stand out from its competitors.

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