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Millionaire Manhunt: John McAfee Person of Interest in Belize Homicide

Millionaire Manhunt: John McAfee Person of Interest in Belize Homicide
Millionaire Manhunt: John McAfee Person of Interest in Belize Homicide

Chris Dougherty
VirtualThreat Contributing Writer


Caribbean officials in Belize have questioned 3 people with regard to the murder of Gregory Viant Faull, an American citizen living in a town north of San Pedro, on the island of Ambergris Caye.  Belize authorities say John McAfee, the 67 year old founder of the antivirus software giant McAfee, is a “person of interest” and refuses to turn himself in.

McAfee and Faull were neighbors, living only two houses apart.  However, there had also been numerous conflicts between the two men that were reported to local officials.

San Pedro Mayor Daniel Guerrero said Faull provided a letter the town council complaining that McAfee’s dogs were always running around loose, chasing cyclists and generally scaring people.  The letter went on to say that McAfee’s private security staff were trespassing on the properties of neighboring homeowners.

However Mayor Guerrero said “Both of them were my friends. It’s hard. It’s something that has shocked the community”.  He also added that he did not have enough evidence to say McAfee is a suspect at this time.

A security guard that works at McAfee’s beach side villa stated that McAfee’s four dogs had been poisoned on the Friday prior to the homicide.  He went on to say that blame for the poisoning was focused on  “an American who lives up the way”, as he pointed towards Faull’s home.

Faull’s body was found with a bullet wound to the head inside his 2-story home. The housekeeper discovered the body last Sunday morning and called police.

McAfee is currently in hiding and refuses to turn himself in to authorities claiming that he fears police will kill him if they find him.  He said he actually buried himself in the sand and put a cardboard box over his head to breathe when he saw police coming to his residence Sunday.

In a phone conversation with ABC News reporter Matt Gutman, McAfee said “I’m certainly innocent of the charges that are leveled against me in the press.” but added “oh yeah, I walk around armed but normally with a pistol.

McAfee went on to tell The Associated Press in an email that he was not planning to turn himself in.

“Suspect or no, I believe the government wants me out of the way. Too many people have died in custody in this country so I Intend to do nothing that puts me in their custody,” the message said.

Belize’s Prime Minister, Dean Barrow, was seen publicly taunting McAfee on Wednesday when he said “it strikes me that he [McAfee] is extremely paranoid, in fact I’d go as far as to say Bonkers …”.

Barrow also said “he [McAfee] ought to man up, and respect our laws, and go in to talk to the police.”


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