Anonymous Targets Accounts of Patriot Hactivist ‘The Jester’, th3j35t3r

Chris Dougherty
Virtual Threat Contributing Writer

Anonymous Targets Accounts of Patriot Hactivist 'The Jester', th3j35t3r
Anonymous Targets Accounts of Patriot Hactivist ‘The Jester’, th3j35t3


There is a war brewing.  This war will be fought on the digital front.  The players are the Anonymous hactivist group and a ‘Patriot Hactivist’ known as The Jester (th3j35t3r).

Today the Anonymous hactivist group claims to have managed to take control of several social accounts belonging to ‘Patriot Hactivist’ Th3J35t3r. The jester is a computer hactivist who describes himself as grey hat. Most famous for attacks against WikiLeaks and pro-Jihadist websites, The Jester has been active in the hactivist scene for over 2 years.

As of today at 12:00 PM GMT, the twitter account and several other social networking sites associated with the jester @Th3j35t3r had been hacked.  The perpetrators also posted several tweets on the hacked twitter account supporting Anonymous including “I am a pretty, pretty princess” and “Without Anonymous I am a nobody”.


The Jester's Hacked Twitter Feed
The Jester’s Hacked Twitter Feed


So far, over 50 tweets have been posted via the hacked ‘@th3j35t3r‘ Twitter account. The group is also claiming to have compromised several other accounts belonging to The Jester including his email and linkedin accounts.  They have also begun posting what they call “proof” on

In addition, a conversation was posted on pastebin from VoxAnon were the hacker know as “Wise” was posting several emails and other information from the compromised accounts.

Are these really the compromised accounts of The Jester? Only the ‘Patriot Hacker’ himself knows for sure.  Somehow I have the feeling that this is just beginning and is about to get much bigger over the next few days.

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