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Man Sentenced To 150 Days For Hacking Facebook Accounts of 13 Women

Man Sentenced To 150 Days For Hacking 13 Women's Facebook Accounts
Man Sentenced To 150 Days For Hacking 13 Women’s Facebook Accounts

Chris Dougherty
Virtual Threat Contributing Writer


A 27 year old man from Woodbury, MN was sentenced to 150 days in the Washington County Jail after pleading guilty to hacking Facebook accounts of 13 women and stealing their identities.

In March, Timothy P. Noirjean pleaded guilty to thirteen felony counts of electronic use of false pretense to obtain identity. Judge Elizabeth Martin sentenced him on June 22.  He is currently serving time in a work release program.

According to court documents, Mr . Noirjean tricked young women into becoming friends with him on Facebook.  He then stole their photographs and personal information so that he could post them on several pornographic websites.

Investigators from the Oakdale Police Department seized Noirjean’s computer at the home where he lives with his parents.  The criminal complaint states that investigators found photographs and personal information hacked from Facebook accounts belonging to 13 women ranging in age from 17 to 25, although it appears that Noirjean may have attempted to hack in to more than 100 other accounts

Noirjean was able to hack in to the women’s accounts by looking up their Facebook profiles, where he grabbed their e-mail addresses, then he used social engineering tactics to get the women to disclose answers to their security questions, which allowed him to reset the account passwords. According to the complaints, he then used the hacked accounts to pretend to be the account holder, then he contacted friends of the victims to gain access to more information.

Judge Martin ordered Noirjean to pay at least $1,000 of restitution to each victim of the offense. Noirjean must also attend therapy sessions and complete 100 hours of community service.

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