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Cryptic’s Account Database Hacked – Warnings Issued

Cryptic’s Account Database Hacked – Warnings Issued
Cryptic’s Account Database Hacked – Warnings Issued

William Usher


Over the past few days you may have seen news skimming over something to do with user accounts, hacks and Cryptic Studios. Well, much like with Sony, SOE and Steam before them, Cryptic has suffered unauthorized access into their user account database, and has issued warnings for gamers to change their passwords.

The official statement sent in a somewhat discreet manner simply says…

“As a result of routine security checks and upgrades, we have discovered that certain of your account information, including your password, may have been accessed by an unauthorized party.

For your security, we’ve reset the password on your account. You can recover your password via the ‘forgot password’ link on the official Star Trek Online or Champions Online web sites”

Cryptic further warns that anyone with an account, anyone with any sort of financial details attached to that account and anyone who used any of this information recently to purchase items or products for Cryptic’s services should immediately change their password.

The main idea is to prevent anyone from losing sensitive information or at least attempt to protect it. Cryptic didn’t detail in the warning message just how bad the breach was (although, does any company ever detail how bad the breach was?) however their fair warning about protecting your data and sensitive information should not go unheeded.

You can start changing your passwords right now over at the Star Trek Online Website and the Champions Online Website. For further information on the recent security intrusion, feel free to read up on the full notice at Cryptic’s Website.

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