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AntiSec Hackers Hit US Police Supplier

AntiSec Hackers Hit US Police Supplier
AntiSec Hackers Hit US Police Supplier

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Hackers identifying themselves with the Antisec movement have attacked the site of a company that sells equipment to US law enforcers such as the police. A message posted over New York Ironwork’s homepage said it was a “tribute to Jeremy Hammond”.

Mr Hammond has been accused of being involved in an attack on the think tank Stratfor last year and was arrested in Chicago on Monday. This marks the second breach explicitly linked to the FBI’s swoop.

The bureau also charged five other men with computer crimes, including Lulzsec’s “leader” Hector Xavier Monsegur – known as Sabu – who helped officers with the crackdown after pleading guilty to 12 criminal acts.

Earlier this week Antisec attacked the website of the Spanish firm Panda Security, accusing it of helping police arrest other members of Anonymous, the name given to the wider hacktivist campaign. The firm denied the allegation. Those responsible for the latest attack signalled that they intended to continue their campaign.

“We’ll fight till the end,” the message said.

“To the FBI… you have our logs, we have all those PMs [private messages] and private chats u don’t want to make public. Antisec is still alive and well. We refuse to let some… snitch divert us from our path in life.”   –BBC


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