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Adult Site Hacked, Credit Card Info Exposed

Adult Site Hacked, Credit Card Info Exposed
Adult Site Hacked, Credit Card Info Exposed

Paul Roberts


The adult Web site DigitalPlayground.com was hackeed. A group calling itself TheConsortium has claimed credit for the attack, saying it stole credit card information on 40,000 paying customers and even listened in on a company conference call.

The compromise occurred on March 4, according to a message attributed to TheConsortium and posted from the group’s Twitter account. The group posted links to an online statement and data dump, allegedly of information stolen from DigitalPlayground’s compromised servers.

Phone calls to Digital Playground Inc. in Van Nuys, California, seeking comment weren’t immediately returned.

The attack by TheConsortium followed an almost identical pattern to the earlier LulzSec hacks and the group expressed allegiance to Anonymous and the Antisec movement in its statement. Account credentials for site administrators were posted as were identifying information for around 10,000 Digital Playground customers, including members of the U.S. military.

The group said it carried out the attack because security on the Digitalplayground.com Web site was “a joke.”

“This site has so many freaking holes that if I didn’t know it was a porn site, I would have mistaken it for a honeypot,” the group wrote.

The group claimed to have information on 72,000 and financial information including “data on 40,000 plaintext credit cards including ccvs, names and expiry dates,” the group said. TheConsortium also claimed to have compromised all four of DigitalPlayground’s servers, stolen company e-mail and even tapped into a conference call.

The attack is just the latest on an adult Web site. In June, 2011, the Anonymous-affiliated group Lulzsec hacked the Web site pron.com and posted the names of 26,000 users and credentials for site administrators. More recently, in February, the Website Youporn.com was breached and the account login, password and e-mail of thousands of users of an interactive chat feature for the site were released to the public.


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